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Jozin z bazin

Klip k proslulé mládkově písničce. Vřele děkujeme všem divákům Song+video about horyfying monster from Moravia. One of our fans has given a translatation: So I ride with Skoda 100 to Orava, I have to hurry, because I ride through Moravu, There's a bogie that haunts this place, it comes out of the swamps It eats mainly citizens of Prague and it's name is Josh (Jozin) chorus: Josh from the swamps lurks in the marsh Josh from the swamps goes near the village Josh from the swamps already sharpens his teeth To defeat Josh ft swamps, who would come to think? You have attack him with aerial spraying. I ride through a village on my way to Vizowice, Marshal greeted me there and said to me by Slivovitz [a kind of alcohol made from prunes]: "Who will come to me with a living or dead Josh, Will be given hand of my daughter and half of the village" chorus I said: give me, marshal, a plane and some powder [pesticides or sth like that] And I will give you Josh, there's no problem in it Marshal accepted and I winged very next morning Powder sagged on Josh beatifully chorus: JFTS is all white now, JFTS runs away, JFTS got to a rock, JFTS, here he meets his end! I laid my hands on J and I hold him now, Every mercy's nice, I'll sell him to the ZOO! We all thank "Shvagroz" for his translatation

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